Banking on Brighter Futures

Key Facts

Under this flagship programme, the bank uses financial skills and expertise to maximum effect to help people work towards financial independence and security. Barclays Zambia focuses its efforts on financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, education and helping people into employment. The Barclays first global community investment strategy Banking on brighter futures was launched in October 2007 to use Barclays business knowledge and employees skills and experience to help disadvantaged people work towards financial independence and achieve a brighter future. During the five-year period, Barclays has pledged to invest K1.1 trillion ($150m) and 150,000 hours of employees time to support 1,500 Banking on brighter futures projects around the world.

Junior Achievement

Founded in 1919, Junior Achievement is the world's largest and fastest growing not-for-profit organisation dedicated to educating young people about business, economics and free enterprise. Junior Achievement Zambia (JA Zambia) is a private sector initiative supported by Barclays Bank Zambia.

You Can Campaign 1 You Can Campaign 2

In 2003, Barclays Bank Zambia and Junior Achievement entered into a partnership whose goals are: to expand the pool of youngsters who are grounded in the principles of market economics; to provide Junior Achievers participating students with the skills which will adequately prepare them for higher education, running their own businesses and to sensitise the youth on current topical social issues. Under the Junior Achievement Company Programme, students get a chance to test out their business knowledge in practical terms. Guided by a teacher and a business consultant/role model, they set up a company; trade shares; design, produce and market a product; and finally liquidate a company and pay dividends to shareholders. The programme lasts for 15 weeks and students get hands-on experience in the owning and running of a real company.

The Barclays Bank Zambia and Junior Achievement Zambia partnership took a global perspective in February 2009 when Barclays Emerging Markets signed the You can B - from inspiration to entrepreneurship programme, a three-year partnership with Junior Achievement Worldwide to provide entrepreneurial opportunities, work readiness and financial literacy to young adults in the emerging market region including Zambia. This global partnership is worth £1.5m and will work with over 8,000 students in three years.

The You can B - from inspiration to entrepreneurship programme encourages young adults to achieve whatever they set out to achieve and become whoever they want to be. The programme is designed to enable the young adults follow a journey of inspiration into entrepreneurship. The running theme of the partnership is innovation and new thinking. In 2009, Barclays Bank Zambia contributed K98,863,200 to Junior Achievement Zambia activities centred on the following concepts:

B- INSPIRED, think out of the box innovation experience this brings students from a variety of schools together, sets them a challenge to think outside the box and awards the team with the most innovative solution.

B- SMART, with the JA company programme experience students form companies, run them to make real money and then wind them down.

B-CONNECTED, through technology most of the disadvantaged youth are in rural areas and may not have access to volunteers. Barclays, JA and Hewlett Packard are developing an innovative computer based technology to reach rural areas.

B- EXPEREINCED, through a Barclays / JA Job Shadow experience the programme recognises that most students may not set up their own companies and will be employed by other companies. They are offered students the opportunity to spend a day in an office.

B-YOUR DREAM, For those students who have already graduated and would want to take their ideas forward, are brought before a panel of possible investors who might want to invest in a good idea.