Barclays-Unicef partnership

Key Facts

Barclays Bank Zambia, Unicef and the Zambian government established a private sector partnership in 2007 to support eight youth resources centres offering courses in skills training, community outreach and enterprise development.

Barclays-Unicef partnership 1 Barclays-Unicef partnership 2  

The bank provided K450 million to fund the integration of educational activities into daily recreational facilities at selected youth resource centres to help reduce high risk behaviour among the youth. The programme sought to reach out to 15,000 children and youth infected and affected by HIV and AIDs.

Through this project, the bank has supported the centres to create awareness and build capacity of the communities to tackle the scale and dimensions on the problems facing children and youth in Zambia. Centres targeted under phase one of the partnership were Lubwa mission (Northern province), Zangani Kachinga (Eastern province), Mukwela (Southern province) Kalingalinga in Lusaka.

Phase two activities are now focused on Kaoma (Western Province), Katembula (Copperbelt), Timba (Northern Province) and Samfya in Luapula Province. The centres were identified to provide a good opportunity for youths unable to access information, empowerment skills and training.

Over a three year period the project will enable 5,400 young people in Zambia to access business skills and basic vocational training. Specifically 800 graduates of the GET Ahead programme will start their own business, gain skills, become entrepreneurs and be provided will the follow up support necessary through the youth centres. It will also facilitate at least 3,000 out of the 5,400 young people to gain valuable work experience opportunities within the private sector. The project cost is K4,800,000,000 ($600,000) out of which Barclays has contributed K4,000,000,000 ($500,000) and UNICEF Zambia K800,000,000 ($100,000).