Looking After Local Communities

Key Facts

Barclays will continue to invest in the neighbourhoods where the bank has a presence. Supporting causes that matter in local markets is one of the best ways that the bank can meet specific needs and engage local stakeholders be they customers, community representatives or colleagues.

Barclays Cup Soccer Tournament

Soccer Partnership 1 Soccer2

As a way of reviving interest in Zambian football, Barclays Bank Zambia and the Football Association of Zambia in August 2007 signed a sponsorship deal for the Barclays Cup Soccer Tournament, which is held on an annual basis.

In coming up with the sponsorship deal, Barclays Bank Zambia noted with concern that the state of local football was low, perhaps the lowest it has ever been in years. The dearth of good matches of the past and subsequent loss of quality entertainment produced by local football had led to many soccer fans in Zambia associating themselves more with foreign leagues and teams.

Under the theme Think Football Think Barclays, the bank felt it necessary to provide the necessary leadership to ensure that there was a regeneration of interest in local football.

To date Barclays Bank Zambia has pumped well over K2 billion into the biggest soccer cup in Zambia's football history. Furthermore, the bank has been highly commended by numerous stakeholders for taking a bold decision to continue with sponsorship of the richest soccer tournament in the country, despite the difficult economic conditions which forced other sponsors to discontinue their support to annual football competitions. The Barclays Cup Soccer tournament has now grown into a household football competition, which both football teams and fans alike now always look forward to.

As a responsible corporate citizen committed to increasing the level of interest by Zambians in the Zambian soccer league, Barclays Zambia is working with Supersport to explore the viability of live coverage of Zambian league games.

Support to natural disasters

In 2006, Barclays Bank Zambia came to the aid of settlers in Mwapona village in Choma district of Southern Province, who suffered the consequences of floods as a result of torrential rains. The bank built 15 low cost houses for affected families on higher ground.

In January 2008, Barclays Bank Zambia donated K385,300,000 to support people affected by the severe flooding in Southern Province and other areas in Zambia. The contribution was part of a K1,161.9 billion donation by Barclays Bank plc in London to Red Cross International to help flood victims across Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. With the financial support, the Red Cross provided emergency shelter, food, blankets and medical care to those affected by the floods.

Barclays Bank Zambia also responded positively to Government's appeal to assist affected families following floods in Western and North-Western provinces in 2009. A cheque of K208,000,000 was handed over to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Zambia Delegation. The contribution was part of a K430,900,000.00 donation by Barclays Bank plc in London to Red Cross International to help flood victims in Botswana and Zambia. The funds enabled the Red Cross to provide emergency shelter, food, blankets and medical care to those affected by the floods.

Zambia Federation of the Blind

Barclays Bank Zambia embarked on the Step Ahead initiative in July 2007 to raise funds for the Zambia Federation for the Blind's tailoring and knitting project, and the Zambia Malaria Foundation education book of Malaria. The tailoring and knitting project is a relief-based scheme, which is fundamentally intended to alleviate poverty amongst the majority blind Zambians and their families. The project is designed to impart knowledge and skill into the blind and their children in knitting and tailoring and designing.

Through the Step Ahead fundraising walks, a total of K500 million was raised through various fundraising activities held involving Barclays employees and customers.

Sport field rehabilitation

In January 2005, Barclays Bank Zambia embarked on a rehabilitation programme of sport fields across the country. Using community based soccer as a platform, the bank wanted to intervene in the spread of HIV/AIDs by way of using training sessions at the refurbished grounds for awareness programmes.

The bank supported the rehabilitation of three football fields, namely, Nationalist Stadium in Lusaka at a cost of K37,539,487.50, Musa Kasonka Stadium in Ndola with investment of K220 million and Lubwe playing field at Lubwe Mission at a cost of K249,346.700.