Sustainability at Barclays

Key Facts

For Barclays, sustainability means identifying and managing economic, social and environmental issues across all our operations. Our efforts focus on responsible banking- from developing appropriate services for new customers in developing countries to providing credit based on people's ability to repay and investing in the communities Standard Branches. Three areas of focus are Responsible Finance, Citizenship and Financing the Future.

We believe that running a strong, profitable business, which creates jobs and contributes to economic success, is the basis for good corporate citizenship. Our key areas of focus are contributing to growth and supporting our communities. Underpinning these is a foundation of sound business principles and practice that ensures integrity in the way we do business. With about 1100 employees in Zambia, Barclays prides itself as being the employer of choice.

We recognise the vital role businesses play in job creation and economic growth, and are committed to promoting enterprise around the world. Making credit available, through mortgages to families and business loans, contributes to job creation and economic growth.

We also support a sustainable future through helping our customers, clients and other stakeholders invest in ways that will contribute to growth tomorrow.