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Key Facts

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What is Card Acceptance?

Barclaycard is part of the Barclays Group and is one of the world’s largest providers of card acceptance services for merchants. This is a service that enables your customers to pay using their credit or debit card.

If you allow your customers to pay by card, here are some of the benefits you may see;

People are becoming more and more familiar with paying by credit and debit cards and will often choose the places to shop where they can pay using their card.
 Achieve more sales - studies show customers who have credit and debit cards tend to spend more than those who only carry cash.
 Credit cards offer convenience and greater freedom to spend on unplanned purchases.
 If you have customers from overseas, it is likely that they will prefer to pay by card rather than cash.
 Reduce cash handling costs and risk of fraud by having less cash on your premises.

Why choose Barclaycard?

Barclaycard can help you to process all your card payments in a fast and efficient manner using our IP, GPRS and mobile terminals, and electronic point of sale solution.


GPRS Mobile Terminal GPRS mobile terminal – your customer can pay without their card being taken away from their view. Ideal for cafes, restaurants and hotels. IP or GPRS IP or GPRS desktop terminal – offers benefits of IP/GPRS capability whilst keeping the terminal at your checkout.
Electric point of sale Electronic Point of Sale – for merchants with larger payment volumes may benefit from installing a direct link with Barclaycard for faster processing and management information to help with reconciliation.

You can accept all these cards by using Barclaycard – all transactions are authorised 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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We provide dedicated customer support that includes:

 Implementation support - to help you get started, we will have our merchant advisors on hand to set up your terminals and provide training for your staff on  how to accept card payments.
 Helpdesks covering customer service and technical support.
 Training to help you manage fraud.
 A dedicated contact point for all your queries.

If you have any questions, please contact your Barclaycard representative who will be happy to discuss your requirements and how to set up card acceptance with Barclaycard.

Procedure of How to Become a Merchant

 Simple - Fill in application forms
 Read and understand the conditions
 Provide necessary documentation as required by the bank

Benefits of a Barclays Connect Machine

 Reliable rapid services and transaction authorisation
 Support in pioneering new technologies that can transform your business
 Ability to transact in currency of preference
 A wider market with more card schemes
 Partnerships that generates promotional campaigns to boost sales.
 Quick payments for your goods and services

Save Your Costs From

 Human resource
 Cash deposit fees
 Cash –in – Transit
 Shortages in Tills 

For further details call: 0211223512 / 0211231901 or come in person to Kafue house, 7th floor, card centre. Lusaka.