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Bank Direct - Cash

(a) Collection of cash: Our BankDirect - Cash service will enable you to deposit cash directly into your bank account securely without leaving the comfort of your office.

In partnership with a reputable security company, Barclays will facilitate easy collection of your cash through BankDirect. Every week (Monday to Saturday) our agent will come to your premises at the different locations, collect the cash and transport it to the bank for deposit. The service operates during normal banking hours, but we can also arrange to collect your cash after normal bank opening times and hold the same overnight for deposit the next day thus minimizing your risk further.

Our BankDirect - Cash service will offer the following benefits to your organisation: -

  • Security - The service provides security at all times when the cash is in our custody thus reducing the risks to you and your staff while handling and transporting the cash to the bank.
  • Reduced internal administration - Our agent will come to your premises at the pre-agreed preferred timings thus reducing the administration of making sure funds are deposited into your account in a timely manner.
  • Cost savings because
    • The cash will be transported to our Bulk Cash Centre, (including foreign currency) thus ensuring that you benefit from a 25% saving on cash handling fee (0.15% instead of 0.2% currently charged for normal deliveries at the branch).

Within the same service offering, your organisation can also subscribe to a cash delivery service.

Bank Direct - Mail

Under this service, a dedicated courier will collect non-cash items such as cheques, instructions, treasury confirmations, trade documents, and chequebook requests and deliver these to the bank on your behalf.

Confirmations and acknowledging items that have been received or processed will be sent back to your organisation by the courier who will also deliver to you all non-cash items such as letters, chequebooks, advices, statements and all other documents from the bank to you.

The benefits of BankDirect- Mail service include the following

  • You will receive better lead-time in receipt of bank documents such as unpaid cheques, advices and statements that were previously sent by post.
  • Your staff who, currently go to the bank will have the opportunity to carry out other value adding activities.
  • Convenience of not having to leave the office to carry out your banking transactions

Bank Direct - Wages

BankDirect - Wages is a service offered by Barclays in partnership with a reputable security company. Barclays can facilitate easy payment of your cash payroll through BankDirect - Wages and will offer the following benefits to your organization:-

  • Reduced internal administration
  • Security personnel used, secure sealed wage packets
  • Reduced Cost packaging cost, reduced downtime
  • Convenience, can pay at many pay points

For more details contact our cash management team on:-
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