Collection of Accounts Receivable

Key Facts

Barclays provides solutions that enhance the effective collection of account receivables and easy reconciliation of the same. This enables full optimisation of working capital and a reliable streamlined operation. The service consists of either single or multiple collection accounts with the following features;

  • Countrywide access by depositors through any of our 55 branches
  • Unique personalised deposit vouchers with provision for entering depositor details

In using our collection service your organisation will benefit from:-

  • A wide reach wherever Barclays is present
  • Faster collection of funds allowing for maximisation of returns
  • Convenience and ease of banking as any corporate branch of Barclays is your branch
  • Comprehensive third party depositor details hence ease of reconciliation
  • Powerful opportunities for automated reconciliation
  • Less administrative involvement as you do not have to be on the ground

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