Direct Debits

Key Facts

What is Direct Debit?

Barclays Direct Debits service is an electronic system that provides your organisation with a cost effective means to collect subscriber dues with minimum effort. The entire process is seamless and electronic.


The key benefits of using the Barclays direct debits are:-

  • Quick access to our large retail customer base and large branch network
  • Quicker access to cleared funds
  • Quick response on errors

Other benefits of using the Barclays direct debits include:

  • Greater control of collection process
  • Reduced debt collection/ administration costs
  • More predictable cash flows
  • Reduced collection errors
  • Increased customer loyalty

Set-up Process upon sign up

  1. Access will be through Barclays Integrator so no software installation required.
  2. Register by signing a service provider indemnity form and issue Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN).
  3. Payers are recruited once they fill in a Direct Debit Mandate (DDMs) and forward it to your organisation.
  4. Your organisation then forwards the DDM to Barclays for verification and distribution to other banks for non- Barclays customers.

For non-Barclays items, the debits are forwarded to the other banks via the clearing house and you will then receive an Uncleared Effects credit. A report will then be sent to you and any Unpaid/ Unapplied items returned within the clearing window (three days).

For more details contact our cash management team on:-

Tel: +260 211 236 720/ 366 150
E-mail: /