Electronic Cheque Payments

Key Facts

This is an electronic cheque writing system that will allow your organization to outsource the printing and signing of cheques to Barclays.

How does it work?

Upon signing up for the service, our internet front-end - Barclays Integrator will allow you to request for bank guaranteed cheques to be drawn on your accounts in favour of the payee of your choice in a secure environment

If you choose to print corporate cheques, then your signatures will be scanned and pre-printed on the cheques, thus ensuring that you do not have to sign the individual cheques, once the file has been authorised.


  • You benefit from float: - Your account gets debited only when the cheque is presented for payment, giving you an opportunity to invest the funds short term
  • Reduced Internal Administration
  • Monitor your payments: - The bank is able to monitor details of your payments minimizing fraudulent activity.
  • You Save Management Time: - You will be able to focus your time and energy on your core business.
  • Security: - Physical security over blank cheque stationary is left to the bank.

For more details contact us on:-
Tel: +260 211 236 720/ 366 150
E-mail: Ellen.mtine@barclays.com / Muzala.mukuwa@barclays.com