Transactional Banking

Online Banking - Barclays Integrator

In our continued efforts of improving our service levels to our customers, Barclays is now able to bring you the latest in flexible core banking technology. Barclays Integrator will provide an integrated Corporate and Business Banking solution.

Electronic Cheque Payments

This is an electronic cheque writing system that will allow your organization to outsource the printing and signing of cheques to Barclays.

If you choose to print corporate cheques, then your signatures will be scanned and pre-printed on the cheques, thus ensuring that you do not have to sign the individual cheques, once the file has been authorised.

Cash Service

In partnership with a reputable security company, Barclays will facilitate easy collection of your cash through BankDirect. Every week (Monday to Saturday) our agent will come to your premises at the different locations, collect the cash and transport it to the bank for deposit. The service operates during normal banking hours, but we can also arrange to collect your cash after normal bank opening times and hold the same overnight for deposit the next day thus minimizing your risk further.

Alliance Accounts

Embassies and diplomatic missions have a critical role to play in maintaining the welfare of Africa's poorest communities. Their unique structure and purpose calls for a sophisticated and bespoke banking solution and a close working partnership from their financial service provider.

Collection of Accounts Receivable

Barclays provides solutions that enhance the effective collection of account receivables and easy reconciliation of the same. This enables full optimisation of working capital and a reliable streamlined operation.

Liquidity Management

The Autosweep solution allows for one concentration account. To ensure full control of your accounts, operational funds may be held in the various accounts around the country and any surplus funds above a pre-agreed threshold will be swept into the main account or a call account.

Direct Debits

Barclays Direct Debits service is an electronic system that provides your organisation with a cost effective means to collect subscriber dues with minimum effort. The entire process is seamless and electronic.