Online Banking - Barclays Integrator

Key Facts

In our sustained efforts of delivering service and transaction processing efficiencies to our clients, we continue to enhance our electronic platform offering on Barclays Integrator, our integrated Corporate and Business Banking solution.

Key Benefits:

Access to Account Information: Your organisation will have access to account information in real time. Accounts across Barclays Africa can be viewed on the same platform.

Electronic Payment Capability: All payments by your organization can be made electronically offering straight through processing. This applies to:

  • Own Account transfers
  • Inter-account transfers (Real-time the beneficiary account is at Barclays),
  • Local EFT payments to other banks (same day),
  • Tax payments
  • SWIFT payments
  • Cross Currency payments
  • Direct Debit Payments
  • Recurring Payments
  • Urgent Payments (RTGS)
  • Electronic Cheque Payments
  • Future dated payments (up to 180 days to advance)

Historical Information: Your organization will be in a position to access its statements as far back as twelve months online, and will have the capability to print or export account information in the various formats.

Flexibility: The system is internet based and can therefore be accessed anywhere at any time, provided the users have the security devices to be provided by Barclays Bank. This implies:

  • Flexibility and global access
  • No software is required
  • Automatic upgrades
  • No site support visits required
  • Dynamic & secure password generation

Other Features include:

  • Ability to import bulk payment information for both local and international payments.
  • Beneficiaries: Ability to pre-register and pre-authorise frequent beneficiaries including all bank details and payment limits. This allows you to select only the amount each time you make a payment.
  • Ability to export or print account information for reconciliation purposes.


  • Access to Real time account information
  • No software installation or maintenance requirement.
  • All you need is your existing internet access
  • You can bank anywhere and anytime you please.
  • You receive automatic upgrades to the system.
  • State of the art security protocol.
  • Seamless processing which translates to better customer service and improved response times to queries.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Operating System/Internet browsers

  • Windows 7 or higher, Explorer 8 or Higher
  • Any IBM compatible PC, Apple PowerMac or Apple iMac( provided Internet Explorer environment is created)
  • Computer Processor Intel Pentium core duo ( or Equivalent)

Computer Memory (RAM)

  • 32-bit operating system-2GB
  • 64-bit operating system-4GB

Screen Resolution

  • 1024 * 768, 256 colours

Internet Connectivity

  • High speed network and broadband connection.

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