Cash Send


Step 1

Insert ATM card and Enter your PIN

Step 2

Select “more services”

Step 3

Select “Buy Money Voucher”

Step 4

Enter Amount to purchase (in multiples of K10.00) and press [next]

Step 5

Enter PIN (upto a maximum of 8 characters) of your choice and press [Enter].

Step 6

Select “Enter phone number” if you would like Barclays to send notification to the recipient. If not, select “confirm”.

Step 7

Enter the recipient’s mobile number and press [next].

Step 8

Select "Confirm"

Step 9

Transaction complete


At step 2 Enter any PIN upto a maximum of 8 digits of your choice

At step 3 Enter full mobile number with no spaces and without the leading zero. Example: 966123456 or 977123456 or 955123456

At step 6 ATM will send voucher number to receiver’s phone via sms


Step 1

Select Cardless Services

Step 2

Select the language

Step 3

Enter the voucher number

Step 4

Enter the voucher PIN (as provided by the sender) and press [Enter]

Step 5

Enter the amount and select “Confirm” ATM will dispense cash

Step 6

Collect receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send to someone outside Zambia?

A. No. This service is only available domestically to anyone subscribed to any of the local mobile service providers.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum amounts that I can send per day?

A. You can send a minimum of K10 and a maximum of K4,000.

Q. How long can the receiver wait before redeeming the funds?

A. The voucher expiry period is seven (7) days. After this time the receiver will not be able to withdraw the funds.

Q. What happens to the funds when the receiver has not redeemed and the expiry period has elapsed? Will it be credited back to my account?

A. Yes. The funds will be credited back to the senders account.

Q. Can I withdraw from another bank’s ATM machine?

A. No. Withdraws can only be done from Barclays ATM machines