Internet Banking

Key Facts


Barclays Internet Banking provides Barclays customers with the means to access their Barclays accounts via the internet. Customers will be able to enquire on their account balances, transactions and bank statements, transfer funds between Barclays accounts, make transfers to other banks, send messages to Barclays in a simple and secure manner, and much more.

The Barclays Internet Banking solution is designed to make your life much easier because it is easy to use and allows you to log in from anywhere in the world* as long as there is internet access, and you have your phone with you. *Please note that you will be required to have roaming facility on your phone to you use internet banking outside of Zambia.

This customer user guide provides key information on how you can access and use the Barclays Internet Banking service. Help is also provided in the Barclays Internet Banking screens when you log on to the internet service. However, should you require any additional information or encounter a problem, you may contact Barclays Bank of Zambia on the following contact details:

Landline or mobile: +260 211 366100 or 5950.

General information before using Barclays Internet Banking

Both existing and new customers are welcome to register for Barclays Internet Banking Service. A new customer will however need to open a current or savings account before registering or accessing for Barclays internet banking. Customers will require access to a personal computer and need to be connected to the internet.

How to register?

There are two main steps that you need to go through for you to access Barclays Internet Banking.

Step 1: Branch registration

The initial registration for Barclays Internet Banking will require you to visit any Barclays branch of your choice in Zambia. Barclays Personal Bankers are available to facilitate a smooth registration process. The in-branch registration process involves the following:

  1. Completion of the Barclays Internet Banking registration form
  2. Submission of the form to the Personal Banker who will capture the details on the Barclays system
  3. The Personal Banker will help you select a unique username for use with Barclays Internet Banking
  4. Auto-generation and dispatch of Notification Letter to your registered email address which confirms your username and registration to Barclays Internet Banking.

Step 2: Online registration

To complete your registration process, you need to complete a short online registration via your personal computer.

To complete the online registration kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Start or select Internet Explorer and enter
  2. On the Online banking page displayed, click on Register now button.
  3. Fill in the customer information required.
  4. Read the terms and conditions and mark the check box to confirm you have read and understood them.
  5. Click Next.
  6. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP in the space provided and click Next.
  7. On the next page that follows, enter your username that was provided to you in the branch.
  8. Input a password of your choice and ensure you remember your password, but don’t write it down.
  9. Click on Login and start accessing Barclays Internet Banking.

NOTE: To access the Barclays Internet Service, you need to have the mobile phone with the number that you registered as the One Time Password (OTP) will always be sent to your mobile phone. When travelling abroad you therefore need to be on roaming or to advise the bank of the new number that you will be using. Where there is no mobile connectivity you will not be able to receive the OTP, hence you cannot access your account via Barclays Internet Banking in this situation.

Accessing Barclays Internet Banking

How to Log in

When logging into the Barclays Internet Banking, follow the steps below:

  1. Start or select “Internet Explorer” and enter

    Home Page Display - The Home page will display the following

    Item Description
    Log in window The tab provides the input fields for Username and Password. It also provides a "Register Now" button through which new customers register online for the first time
    Security Window Provides security tips on how to access and use Barclays Internet Banking.
    Needhelp window Provide various information to assist you to have easy access to the Barclays Internet Banking.
      Forgot username - provides steps that you have to follow to recover your username in the event that you have forgotten it.
      Forgot password - provides steps that you have to follow to reset your password in the event that you have forgotten it.
      Online Security tips - Provides security tips on how to access and use Barclays Internet Banking.
      Report an incident - allows you to contact the bank and report an issue or problem.
      Protect yourself - Provides security tips on how to access and use Barclays Internet Banking.
      Nearest branch/ ATM - provides the branch/ ATM locations in Zambia.
      Online Banking FAQs - provides answers to frequently asked questions.
    Contact Us Link Provides contact details through which you can contact Barclays Bank Zambia Plc.
    Accessibility Link Provides tips on how to make your borrowing experience easier.
    Security Link Provides Barclays Bank Online Security Policy on how to use the Barclays Internet Banking service
    Privacy Policy Link Contains the Barclays Bank Privacy policy
    Service Charge Schedule Contains information on the tariffs, service and fees of Barclays Bank Zambia products and services.
  2. On the Barclays Internet Banking home page, enter your Username and Password into the respective fields provided on the screen.
  3. Once the password has been validated, the One Time Password will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  4. Type the One Time Password in the space provided. Note: the One Time Password (OTP) is only used once and new OTPs will be generated each time the Barclays Internet Banking is accessed or certain transactions are done.

What can be accessed via Barclays Internet Banking

Barclays Internet Banking will enable you to do the following:

  1. View account information
    You are able to view account information that include account details, payments that may have been made on each registered account and any correspondence to and from Barclays Bank Zambia.
  2. View and print account statements
    Barclays Internet Banking also allows you to view an online statement showing account balance and transactions for a given period. There is also an option to print or download the statement to PDF or Excel template.
  3. Funds transfer
    Barclays Internet Banking service allows customers to make transfers between your own linked or third party accounts. You are able to transfer both inter account (within Barclays) and (Outside Barclays) to other banks.

    Note: You need to register all beneficiaries on the Barclays Internet Banking service. This will include registering their names, banks and account details. Registration will be done online and an online menu is available on the site to provide easy steps on how to register beneficiaries.
    • Inter account transfers
      You are able to make transfers to and from your linked accounts within Barclays.
    • Third party Barclays accounts
      You can transfer money to third parties that have Barclays Accounts.
    • Other bank transfers
      Barclays Internet Banking allows customers to make transfers to bank accounts held with other banks.

Barclays Mobile Banking (BMB) and Barclays Tablet Banking (BTB) App

Barclays Mobile Banking and Tablet Banking is an enhancement to the existing Barclays Internet Banking (BIR) service which allows you the customer to access your bank accounts by using the Barclays online application or App.

The App is supported on the following devices: Android based phones and tablet devices as well as with iPhone and iPad devices.

Accessing Barclays Internet Banking using the Barclays app

Simply visit and download the application for your device. The App icon consists of the Barclays Logo as shown below.

Android App Download Instructions

  • Open applications and click on play store or android market app.
  • Search for Barclays Zambia, by entering the key words in the search bar.
  • Click on the Barclays Zambia app, click on install button and then click on accept & download to complete download and installation of the app. After successful download
  • Barclays Zambia app will display on home screen.

Apple iOS App Download Instructions

  • Select the App Store icon from iPhone or iPad home screen to open the App store application
  • Search for Barclays Zambia by entering the keyword in the search bar.
  • Select Barclays Zambia app click the FREE button displayed on the right-hand side of the app description screen and select INSTALL APP to download. Enter iTunes credentials and select OK when prompted. If you do not already have an iTunes account, you will need to create one via your PC. After successful download the Barclays Zambia app will display on home screen.

To access internet banking services you simply click the App, enter your username and password and once password is validated, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Internet Banking Services Available When Using the Barclays App

View Account Information

You are able to view account information accounts and transactions for each of your registered accounts.

Funds Transfers

You are able to make funds transfers only between your own linked accounts.

ATM and Branch Lookup

This feature is coming soon. Once available you will be able to search for ATM and branch location using the search option. Simply input your desired location in the search field and you will be able to receive the positions of ATMs and Branches in that location. By clicking on the Barclays icon you will be able to get additional information such as postal address and other contact details.

Other functions

Other functions that can be carried out through Barclays Internet Banking include the following:

  1. Request for a cheque book
  2. Enquire forex and interest rates
  3. Beneficiary management
  4. Send and receive email to and from Barclays
  5. Bulletin board to update you on the latest Barclays news.

Schedule of charges

Barclays Internet Banking is free to register and free to use. It is also totally free to check your balances, view and print statements and for transfers within Barclays Zambia. Other transactions are as per the Barclays Schedule of charges. To access this schedule, simply click on the link provided on the Barclays Zambia website.

Closing the Barclays Internet Banking service

In the event that you decide to stop using Barclays Internet Banking, you have the option of deregistering from the service. To deregister from Barclays Internet Banking:

  1. Fill out the Internet Banking application form selecting “Deactivate.”
  2. Visit the branch where you initially registered and submit the application forms.
  3. Barclays Bank will, upon receipt of the completed application form, deactivate the service.

Security: Important points to remember…

Barclays takes customers’ security very seriously and as such would request customers to assist Barclays to ensure maximum security is offered.

  • Regularly change your password especially in the event that one feels it has been compromised.
  • Avoid accessing your Barclays Internet Banking service from computers in public areas, like Internet cafes which might have recording tools that record customers’ credentials.
  • Make sure the latest updates of trusted Anti-Virus software are installed on the PC or laptop from which the Barclays Internet Banking service is accessed. Install an anti-virus and firewall on your PC and configure it to best protect the PC against malicious actions from intruders, and hackers.
  • Never disclose personal information regarding your Customer ID or Password when answering unsolicited emails or calls. Barclays Bank will never ask customers to provide such information.
  • Always verify the last access date and time information displayed at the top of the Barclays Internet Banking screen when logging into the Barclays Internet Banking service.
  • Contact Barclays immediately should your registered mobile phone be lost or stolen. This will ensure that no one can use your phone to attempt to gain access to your internet banking.

Note: The security measures detailed above are not exhaustive. In order to raise your security awareness, you are encouraged to visit the various links on the Barclays Internet Banking login page accessible on

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I sign up for Barclays Internet Banking without visiting a branch?

A. In order to verify your identity, you need to physically visit a Barclays branch for initial registration. Please ensure that the ID particulars that you used when first opening your Barclays account are the same used to register online. For example if you used your NRC as your primary ID when opening the account, please use the same for registration.

Q. What happens if I lose/forget my password or username?

A. The forget password/username windows on the Barclays Internet Banking home page provides easy steps on how to acquire a new password. Should you encounter any challenges getting your password or username, please visit your nearest branch or call our customer service centre on +260 366100/156 or 5950 or email us via

Q. How much will the Barclays Internet Banking service cost me?

A. There is no fee to access the service. See the ‘Schedule of Charges’ link on the Barclays Zambia website for more information.

Q. How does the email facility work?

A. Once you are logged into the Barclays Internet Banking service, you can send a message directly to our Contact Centre and we will aim to respond to your query within 24 hours.

Q. Are there any limits for the various transactions performed on the Barclays Internet Banking service, particularly on funds transfers?

A. Yes, there are certain limits on transfers. You also have the opportunity to request for certain limits to be set and these can be changed from time to time. Our friendly Personal Bankers are available to provide more information on the limits.

Q. What if I accidentally transfer funds to the wrong account? Will I be able to recover my funds?

A. Please call our Customer Service Centre on 5950 or +260 366100/156. However, if your transaction has already been processed, you will need to contact the recipient of the funds for a reversal of transfer.

Q. How safe is it to transact in an Internet cafe?

A. It is safe, however, Barclays recommends that you take extra precautions such as use of the dynamic keyboard whenever accessing our online banking services from cafes or any other public places. The dynamic keyboard and One Time Password (OTP) are designed to enhance your security by reducing the risk of having your information copied or log on credentials compromised.

Q. Will I be able to print a receipt of the transaction?

A. Yes, after each transaction there is a confirmation screen. Please click the printer icon in order to keep a record of each transaction and confirmation number.

Q. Does Barclays Internet Banking work on my mobile phone?

A. Yes, the current version of Barclays Internet Banking is available for use on most web enabled phones

Q. What should l do if I have more queries regarding Barclays Internet Banking service?

A. Please call our Customer Service centre on 5950 or +260 366100/156. In addition, you can also contact the bank via email on: or use the online email facility provided with Barclays Internet Banking.