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Platinum World Miles

Your Platinum World Miles Card contains a world of benefits

Your 1mm thick Platinum World Miles Card goes beyond the ordinary by squeezing in a whole world of benefits to make your life easier.

With Platinum World Miles Card, you get a range of benefits which allow you to buy big and pay small.

You also get to make online payments at the speed of light while you enjoy Formidable Alliance Partnerships that add a little comfort to your lifestyle. And that’s not all.

There’s Credit Life Insurance for your absolute peace of mind, monthly.

SMS alerts to keep track of your card transactions, Direct Debit services for punctual bill payments and this, is just a tip of the iceberg.

Get up close and personal with your Platinum World Miles Card.

Make the most of your Platinum World Miles Card

Your Platinum World Miles Credit Card comes with a range of features and benefits but it is important that you also get to know the everyday features on your card so that you make the most of your Platinum World Miles Credit Card.

So let’s take a look at some of the best bits about your Platinum World Miles Credit Card.

Up to 50 days interest-free

If you pay your balance in full each month, you enjoy interest free credit. You can also enjoy up to 50 days interest-Free credit by making transactions immediately after your billing/ statement Get up close and personal with your date. The interest-Free period reduces as you move towards your next statement date. So if you’re making a big purchase you might want to think about when your statement is due so that you can maximize the number of interest-Free days.

Once Barclays credit card statements are issued, you are always given 20 days (From the statement issue date) to pay.

Up to 9 Supplementary cards

Now that you have your Platinum World Miles Credit Card, why not extend the benefits to your family? You can give up to nine members of your family complimentary access to your Platinum World Miles Credit Card account - using their very own cards provided they are over the age of 18 and are part of your immediate Family (i.e. your spouse, children, siblings or parents) You can arrange For them to hold a card on your account.

However, it’s important to remember that as principal cardholder you are responsible for any transactions that are made by your supplementary cardholders.

The good news is that your supplementary cardholders receive all of the Platinum World Miles Credit Card benefits.

Platinum World Miles Rewards

Your Platinum World Miles Credit Card now earns you world miles every time you swipe it

World Miles is our unique membership programme available exclusively to Barclays Visa Platinum Credit Card holders. Discover the world, experience the exotic or travel to your dream destination. This loyalty programme means that, with a wide choice of airlines and flexible spending options you can travel to any destination where your imagination takes you

Earn World miles

Register for World Miles online. You automatically earn world miles every time you swipe your card locally or internationally, whether its shopping in a supermarket or settling your bills at hotels and restaurants. For every K1 you spend on your Barclays Platinum Credit Card within Zambia or abroad you earn 2 World Miles.

Log on to www.worldmilesafrica.com and register. Here, you can track your world miles easily. Your current month’s miles will also be printed on your credit card statement.

Spending your World miles rewards you

You can spend your world miles rewards for air tickets on any flight to any destination in the world. Compared to other Frequent Flyer programs, there are no restrictions on the date or flight you wish to travel.... now that’s convenience.

You can call the World miles Member Service Centre on +260 977 912 015 or request to spend your world miles online at www.worldmilesafrica.com by logging in with your membership number and advise our team.

Tracking your world miles?
For more information log onto www.worldmilesafrica.com