Treasury Services

Treasury Services

Barclays Bank of Zambia has a professional Treasury function, with a dedicated Sales team to help customer with all their Treasury related needs. Barclays Bank of Zambia, with its global and regional links provide world class Treasury services and products from vanilla to sophisticated trade structures covering Foreign exchange, Interest rates and commodities.

To help customer in their day to day business planning and decision making, Barclays Bank of Zambia Treasury distributes the following economic updates:

Daily Economic update

The Treasury team sends an economic update daily covering local foreign exchange market activities, interest rates and liquidity in the market. The update also covers international foreign exchange commentary and commodities especially copper and Oil.

Periodic Economic Research Reports

Barclays Bank has a dedicated regional team of economists providing periodic economic reports covering global events, regional economies including Zambia. Customers can also access specialised research data through the online Foreign Exchange trading platform called BARX.

Products and Services

Foreign Exchange

The bank provides foreign exchange products to customers covering all major global currencies. The bank provides spot and forward foreign exchange transactions.

Fixed income Products

Treasury provides customers with fixed income products such as Government Treasury Bills, Bonds and fixed deposits in various currencies.

Risk Management products

The bank provides a number of risk management products to help customers’ needs either to hedge their risks or as investment strategies. The product covers:

  • Foreign Exchange hedge solutions covering vanilla hedge products to sophisticated trade product structures tailored to suit client needs.
  • Interest rates Risk management products covering interest hedging and investment solutions tailor made to individual client risk profiles or investment strategies.
  • Commodity hedges covering hedges of commodity price movements.

Electronic Trading platform

Barclays Bank of Zambia also provides customers with a world class electronic trading platform called BARX which customers can use to execute foreign exchange related transactions in real time. BARX also provides market information of various currencies and commodities like Copper and Oil.